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Nutrition For Your Liver.

Let's talk Nutrition........ I can feel the resistance already ;)

I am not talking about fad dieting or weight loss, I am talking about eating foods that have the nutrients you need to make cells, that will go the distance. Most diseases today can be contributed to either deficiency or toxicity, we either have too much of something or not enough and thus our body cannot process or function efficiently. With our food supply today most of us, if not all of us, land in the nutrient deficiency and toxicity category. Without the proper building materials, our body must make do with what it has and hope for the best.

Your Liver happens to be the organ that deals with this deficiency/ toxicity cycle. As far as organs go your Liver is not one, we really talk about. It is not “Mr. Popular” like the digestive tract or nervous system but in fact, the liver plays a critical roll in keeping your body balanced. Your liver is a workhorse that performs thousands of different functions throughout your body. It’s Job it to keep the peace in your body by dealing with the deficiency and toxicity cycle.

Your Livers Main Jobs include:

  • Fat Processing & Pancreas Protection
  • Glucose & Glycogen Storage
  • Vitamin & Mineral Storage
  • Disarming & Hampering Harmful Minerals
  • Blood screening & Filtering
  • Protection with a Highly specialized immune system

These jobs are critical in keeping you balanced, and it is getting tougher & tougher in today's unbalanced environment. There are many myths out there about how to support your Liver in keeping the peace and I will unpack those in another post but first, I wanted to talk to you about adding nutrient dense yummy foods that will also help you restore your liver back to its optimal state.

Liver Health Foods

Apples: Great supply of living water for liver hydration. The acids in Fruit help cleanse the liver of toxic films that build up. Apples Starve out bacteria. viruses & fungi from the liver and intestinal tract.

Berries: Loaded with antioxidants, Berries protect the liver from toxins and trouble makers to shield the liver from harm.

Brussel Sprouts: With a vast array of Phytonutrients & a specialized subgroup of Sulfur, Brussel Sprouts are the King of liver cleansing foods. The Sulfur in Brussel sprouts has the ability to loosen old hardened storage units of poison and unlike any other sulfur bind to these poisons for removal from the body.

Carrots: Are a quick source of Glucose (Liver Fuel) as well as healthy vitamins & minerals for liver function.

Celery: An amazing source of salts that protect liver cells, restore the livers bile production as well as contribute to bile potency & effectiveness. These salts bind to the liver poisons and toxin for safe removal. Celery removes mucus out of the intestinal tract as well as increases the HCl- for better digestion. Celery is amazing, Y'all!

Cherries: full on anthocyanins that bind to the petrochemicals that we are bombarded with every day and get stored deep in the liver. The red pigment of cherries also acts as a degreaser to remove all of the sticky glue like build up in the liver and move it to the gallbladder for removal.

Cilantro: is both a liver cleansing and restore food for the liver. Cilantro not only binds to heavy metals & neurotoxins, but it also helps regenerate the nerve supply to the liver allowing it to function at its full capacity.

Coconut: Helps to lower the viral and bacterial load in the liver but taken in large amounts including coconut oil can slow down the liver function making it less efficient in performing its duties.

Cruciferous Vegetables: restore the livers nutrient storage banks by providing an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & rich phytochemical sulfur. They also help the liver convert nutrients into a bioavailable form to be released in the bloodstream and used throughout the body.

Pears: Are a gentle cleansing, calming and soothing food for your liver. They are great for overworked, sluggish and fatty livers. They take the liver out of crisis mode and allow it to rejuvenate and heal.

Potatoes: Often shunned for being a nightshade potato are packed with a lot of great things for liver health. Potatoes keep the liver grounded and stable.

These are 12 of the many great liver nourishing and cleansing foods, most of these are easy to incorporate into your eating. Here is a great EASY recipe that we love in my house to support healthy liver functioning. It is great for Kids and Adults - follow this link: Liver Rescue Apple Sauce. Enjoy!